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  • Marc Fryt

Fishing Report August 1st 2021

This last week was maddening hot again, leaving me bunkered in the basement during the afternoon to take refuge from the heat. Although the week started off hot, but not too bad compared to how this summer has played out, the temps only went higher as the week progressed which meant that the trout stay bunkered down as well.

Friday morning was an interesting time of fly fishing some of the deeper pools. The tailouts of the pools have been productive during this heated summer but it takes some nymph sight fishing in the process. There were a couple cruising trout, decently sized trout, that we tightlined some colorful nymphs past. The trout in this pool weren't interested with any of our drifts, but before leaving the pool we slide the flies past a congregation of largescale suckers.

Nymphing for the largescale suckers ended up being a great opportunity to really hone in on the nymph sight fishing game. They were down deep, several feet, and we deployed large or very colorful nymphs in order to keep our sights on the flies. Even when you cannot see the flies, it pays to watch the fish's behavior, any subtle change could be the fish taking your fly. While not incredible fighters, the largescale suckers made it a very enjoyable morning. If you ever find yourself overlooking a pool of them, give it a shot to take the indicator off your rig and practice dead drifting nymphs to them. This skill pays dividends when you find yourself in the same situation, but with a large trout.

Besides the tailouts of the pools, the rapids have continued to be zones to pick your way through. While many of the rapids are too chaotic for trout to hold in, they be tucked up in small buckets of softer water. The key is to work your way up the bank methodically looking at the rapids for any small areas of slightly softer current. Tightline nymphing is probably the best way to connect with trout since they will strike very quickly for anything that plunges through the surface, so having a direct connection to your fly is critical. Dry-droppers also played nicely in these zones, but use a very buoyant fly to keep it floating on the surface.

The weather at the start of this upcoming week looks to be a scorcher again, but hopefully it will be the last breath of this prolonged heat wave. About the only thing that has been loving this heat so far have been the weeds in our yard, it's been a boon for them. But, our peach tree has also done quite well, so more fresh fruit after a day on the river!

Lastly, if you (and some friends or family members) have been wanting to improve your casting skills, or fly fishing skills in general, check out our instructional lessons that we offer. We can tailor the lessons to fit your needs and help answer any fly fishing questions along the way.



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