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Why Choose Fly Fish Spokane

The Spokane River and Eastern Washington's surrounding lakes and streams are truly remarkable opportunities to fly fish. With such an abundance of fishing options, selecting a guide service that can tailor a trip to fit your needs, goals, and expectations is crucial. Whether it is drifting down the local Spokane River, lake fishing amongst a landscape of sagebrush and basalt cliffs, or wading a splendid stream for redband trout as they rise to your fly, our handpicked guides will deliver an enjoyable experience for you.

Our Guides

Fly Fishing Guide Spokane Washington

Rob Driscoll

Owner, Outfitter and Guide

It was at the age of four when Rob first became hooked on fly fishing after landing a Pacific Bonito with his father on the Long Beach Pier in California. Since then, Rob has fly fished and lead countless whitewater and fishing trips throughout western waters all while raising his six children.

After retiring from his performance management company, Rob decided to use his home on Ashley Lake, Montana as his base for guiding and hosting adventures (See Ashley Lake for further info) as well as his small farm in Spokane County, WA to outfit and guide.

When asked why he chose to live and fish in Spokane Rob responds, "If I had discovered the quality of life in Spokane, Eastern Washington, and the Palouse, I would have settled here after college."

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Ethan Crawford


At the age of nine, Ethan's life became a turbulent world after his father passed away due to cancer. Escaping to mountainous streams with the 5-weight fly rod his father had given him was a way for Ethan to cope with the loss and to relax his mind while casting to rising trout.


Since then, on warm summer nights or blindly cold winter days, it is not uncommon to pass by a riverbank or lake and spot Ethan casting a fly line. Living in the Pacific Northwest for the past eight years and fly fishing religiously, he has spent that time pursuing his favorite species on the fly: bass, trout, and pike. In addition, for the last five years he has combed the Spokane River building a depth of knowledge about the local watershed and its native redband trout.

While not on the water, Ethan is designing and tying his wide array of flies, constantly modifying the fly patterns until they suit his exact requirements for the waters he fishes. He is as dedicated an angler as they come in Spokane!

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Fly Fishing Guide Spokane Washington

Marc Fryt


While serving in the military, Marc would frequently escape into the Washington wilderness to pursue mountaineering and rock climbing. As time went by, he fell into fly fishing and began to head into the outdoors with a fly rod strapped to his pack. Eventually, the trips became centered around fly fishing and exploring remote streams throughout the Northwest.

After leaving the military, Marc went on a fly fishing binge catching everything from smallmouth bass, carp, and trout to bonefish, catfish, and longnose gar on the fly. Along the way, he has become a published writer and photographer for multiple angling publications including: The Drake, The Flyfish Journal, Anglers Journal, Fly Culture, Backcountry Journal, and American Fly Fishing.

One of Marc's greatest passions in life is not only helping people discover fly fishing but to also provide instructional guidance in order to advance an angler's skills. His goal is to help you to feel confident and knowledgable while on the water so you can fully enjoy the art of fly fishing.

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Wilderness First Responder

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