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Why Choose Fly Fish Spokane

The Spokane River and Eastern Washington's surrounding lakes are truly remarkable opportunities to fly fish. With such an abundance of fishing options, selecting a guide service that can tailor a trip to fit your needs, goals, and expectations is crucial. Whether it is drifting down the local Spokane River, lake fishing amongst a landscape of sagebrush and basalt cliffs, or learning how to cast a fly rod for the first time, our handpicked guides will deliver an enjoyable experience for you.

Our Guides

Ethan Crawford, Spokane River, Spokane Fly Fish Guiding

Ethan Crawford

Owner, Fly Fishing Instructor, and Guide

I have learned many things growing up fishing the Spokane River. Patience, resilience, and perseverance are just a few of those lessons. I believe in conservation and river relief. With the Spokane flowing through the heart of the city these are very important to me.


The reason I fly fish is because I fell in love with the process. Methodically casting to runs where I know trout lurk is my passion. And in my belief, passion drives action. And for me my action is guiding, while teaching proper river care and conservation.


 I love to spend hours at my desk tying flies, but even more so crawling over rocks on the river. Book a trip with me and I will show you my passion for the river and its inhabitants.

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Marc Fryt Spokane, Spokane Fly Fish Guiding

Marc Fryt

Fly Fishing Instructor and Guide

While serving in the US Army, Marc discovered fly fishing while backpacking and mountain climbing in the Cascades. Soon enough, those mountaineering trips turned solely into fly fishing adventures. 

Marc takes pride in calling himself a fly fishing instructor. His passion is helping others to experience and learn about fly fishing, and it is the time he spends on the water teaching anglers that makes those guided trips and instructional lessons so enjoyable. Whether you are a new angler or have been fly fishing for years, there is always something new to discover with this sport.

Marc is also a published fly fishing author and photographer in multiple journals and magazines to include: The FlyFish Journal, The Drake, American Fly Fishing, The Backcountry Journal, Fly Culture, and Grays Sporting Journal.

His personal website is over at

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Chad Triplett

Fly Fishing Instructor, and Guide

Being born and raised in the PNW, Chad spent the majority of his time on the water. Whether it's mastering the delicate art of dry fly fishing or perfecting the precise timing of nymphing, he
approaches each technique with enthusiasm and a desire for continual improvement. Chad's journey as an angler has been characterized by a commitment to learning and sharing his
expertise with others—a trait that has only grown stronger as he transitioned from military life to academia.

Chad studied Criminal Justice at Eastern Washington University before joining the military. During his time as an Infantry Officer he earned his Ranger Tab, Airborne Wings, and Air Assault Wings. While being busy with military life, Chad still made time to pursue his beloved pastime, finding solace and rejuvenation on the waters of Tennessee whenever possible.

Currently pursuing a degree in biology at Eastern Washington University, Chad is not only passionate about the pursuit of fish but also deeply invested in understanding the ecosystems
that sustain them. His academic pursuits complement his practical experience on the water, providing him with a holistic understanding of the delicate balance between angling and
conservation. As a fly fishing guide, Chad brings together his military discipline, love for teaching, and profound respect for nature to offer an unforgettable experience on the river he calls home.

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Medical Lake April 2021 13.jpg

Rob Driscoll


It was at the age of four when Rob first became hooked on fly fishing after landing a Pacific Bonito with his father on the Long Beach Pier in California. Since then, Rob has fly fished and lead countless whitewater and fishing trips throughout western waters all while raising his six children.

After retiring from his performance management company, Rob decided to use his home on Ashley Lake, Montana as his base for guiding and hosting adventures (See Ashley Lake for further info) as well as his small farm in Spokane County, WA to outfit and guide.

When asked why he chose to live and fish in Spokane Rob responds, "If I had discovered the quality of life in Spokane, Eastern Washington, and the Palouse, I would have settled here after college."

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