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Spokane River Guided Trips

Float and walking guided trips on the Spokane River in Spokane, Washington.

  Around a century ago the Spokane River lost its salmon due to the construction of hydroelectric dams along the Columbia River and its tributaries. Tens of thousands of chinook salmon used to run up the Spokane River each year, and the Upper Columbia United Tribes are working to bring them back. Fortunately, this urban fishery is still home to wild and native fish: the redband trout, mountain whitefish, largescale sucker, and northern pikeminnow. Many other urban waters have lost most or all their native fish. To still have some of our wild and native species living in the Spokane River is a rare and valued experience for anglers.

  On the guided trips we provide, we'll explore the Spokane River, learn about its native fish, its history, and the habitat, all while fly fishing in such a unique urban ecosystem. Since it is an urban fishery, the numbers of fish are low. Because of this, we have to use multiple fly fishing tactics and techniques in order to hook into success. We pride ourselves as being fly fishing instructors first and foremost. You will advance your skills as a fly fisher during your trip, regardless of your current skill level or experience. 

We offer both float and walking trips on the river at different price points:


Guided Float Trip

  The float trip is a fantastic way to fish miles of the river in an immersive experience. The trip starts amongst downtown where you'll have your first chance to catch a trout while the AMC Movie Theater and Nordstrom are still in sight. Then, we continue our way down the river and the city fades away as ponderosa pines and the sloping hills of the gorge make you forget that you are still well within city limits. Moose, ospreys, mule deer, and mergansers all frequent this stretch of river. There is a lot to take in during the float, and it is an enjoyable way to connect with our home water.

Guided Walking Trip

  The walking trip is a new trip we are offering this year that is more budget friendly for those also wanting to experience fly fishing. This trip takes place in downtown Spokane at Riverfront Park; it is very much urban fly fishing. We run the trip here because it provides easy access to the river without requiring the need for waders or getting in the water. We'll use Tenkara fly rods which offer better fly presentations to the native largescale suckers that inhabit this section of river as well as the limited redband trout. There is a lot of instruction involved, and it is a trip designed to show a different side to the world of the fly fishing. Given the fishing conditions however, catching a fish is not guaranteed. But, if you have ever wanted to know more about how to go about fishing locally in your city, no matter what city you live in, this is the trip for you. Urban fly fishing here is about discovering the accessibility, value, and overlooked opportunities of the waters in all our backyards.

The Spokane River fishing season runs from the Saturday before Memorial Day to March 15th.

3% for the Spokane River

Fly Fish Spokane commits 3% of its pre-tax profits to protecting the Spokane River.

Float Trip Rate

  • $440* for 2 people (6 hours) 

  • $400* for 1 person (6 hours)

  • *State sales tax (9%) not included.

Float Trip: What is Included

  • Fly rods, reels, lines.

  • Selection of flies for the day.

  • Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Float Trip: What is not Included

  • Washington Freshwater Fishing License (available here).

  • Lunch is not provided. If you would like a lunch (for an additional fee) please let your guide know. 

  • Guide gratuity.​

Walking Trip Rate

  • $200* for 1 person (4 hours)

  • $215* for 2 people (4 hours) 

  • *State sales tax (9%) not included.

Walking Trip: What is Included

  • Tenkara fly rods.

  • Selection of flies for the day.

Walking Trip: What is not Included

  • Washington Freshwater Fishing License (available here).

  • Lunch is not provided. Also, please bring water.

  • Guide gratuity.​

To Book a Trip or to Request More Information:

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