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Your Fly Fishing Guides for Spokane and Eastern Washington

It is exciting looking out across Spokane and Eastern Washington to see a landscape filled with fly fishing potential, with everything from small streams and ponds to lakes and a beloved river. Fly Fish Spokane is a fly fishing outfitter that can provide you with the guides, instruction, local knowledge, and insights to fishing these waters. Not only do we provide guided fly fishing trips and fly fishing instructional classes in and around Spokane, Washington we can customized each and every trip to better meet your needs and expectations, because making sure you have an enjoyable time on the water is one of our top priorities. Also, be sure to regularly check back to our blog as we post fishing reports for the Spokane River and Eastern Washingtons lakes and streams (like Medical Lake, Amber Lake, Clear Lake, Fish Lake, Badger Lake, etc.).

Fly Fishing Guides for Spokane and Eastern Washington

Fly Fishing Guides for the Spokane River

If you have never fly fished the Spokane River, or have rarely had the chance, you will be quickly impressed that such a fishery exists right in the middle on the city. Most of the river can snake beneath your sights as you drive or walk around Spokane, yet once down in the gorge you are transported to an entirely different and unique fishing experience.

The season for the Spokane River runs from the Saturday before Memorial Day until March 15th, during which you will have a prime opportunity to cast flies for its native redband trout which is a subspecies of the rainbow trout. Compared to a rainbow trout, the redband typically has a deeper and richer colored red lateral line with darker spots that intensify during the spring spawning season. The spring spawning season is closed to fishing (March 15th to the Saturday before Memorial Day) in order to protect the populations of wild and naturally reproducing redband trout. During this time, spring runoff from the snow melting in the upper elevations increases the water level and turbidity of the river which would make it difficult to fly fish anyways. However, once June hits, and the caddis really begin to hatch on the river, it is the beginning of the fly fishing season.

Fly Fishing Guides for the Spokane River

Besides redband trout, the river also has a healthy population of cutthroat, rainbow, and brown trout which add to the variety of fish species to catch on the fly. This diversity of trout always makes it an interesting time when you are trying to figure out what species just took your fly and is giving you a good fight down the river!

Fly Fish Spokane can provide you with guides to either float or wade fish the Spokane River. Floating the river is our preferred method since it allows us to reach difficult to access water compared to if you were walking and wading the river, and nothing is better than floating down the river while being able to cast flies at any and every fishy looking spot! Another top advantage of floating the river is that we can bring several fly rod set-ups which gives you the chance to switch to streamers, nymphs, dry flies, or wet flies quickly if the water conditions or trout behavior change.

On the other hand, wading the river can be a wonderful way to spend a half day trip on the water to really get to know a certain stretch of the Spokane. Our guides can help you to look at and dissect a piece of water in order to key in on where the fish like to hold. The knowledge and insights that you gain from this wade trip can be directly applicable to when you go fly fishing any river or stream on your own.

Whether you decide to float or wade fish the Spokane River, our guides will provide the fly rods, reels, lines, and flies for every trip. Our full day trips come with a lunch and non-alcoholic beverages while our half day trips come with snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. If you are interested in more information or want to book a trip then please contact us.

Fly Fishing Instruction in Spokane

Intro to Fly Fishing Class in Spokane Washington

With the beginning of the fly fishing season here in Eastern Washington, many of you might be new to the sport or are looking to knock the rust off of your fly fishing skills. Fly Fish Spokane has customizable fly fishing instructional classes that can meet any of your needs. We can offer fly casting lessons, intro to fly fishing courses, fly tying instruction, fly fishing classes for kids, and so much more. Whatever you would like to to focus on we can provide the instructors and equipment to do so.

These instructional classes are also great for more advanced anglers that might be interested in learning or improving certain fly fishing techniques. Some advanced techniques we can teach are euro nymphing, streamer fishing, entomology and matching the hatch lessons, as well as small stream and river tactics to stalk and catch trophy trout, etc. Fly fishing is an art of continuous learning that comes with its fair share of plateaus, and our instructors at Fly Fish Spokane can help you to break through those plateaus in order to help you to enjoy your time on the water.

If you are interested in an instructional lesson, please contact us and let us know what you are looking for so we can customize the lesson to fit your needs.

Fly Fishing Guides for Eastern Washington Lakes

Fly Fishing Guides for Eastern Washington

As spring continues to heat up and summer approaches, the lakes nestled in the heart of Eastern Washington begin to really offer you a fly fishing adventure. With so many lakes dotting the landscape outside of Spokane, there are chances to catch trout, bass, panfish, pike, and carp on the fly. As with fly fishing in general, there can be a learning curve to understanding just a single lake and how its population of fish behave. Our guides at Fly Fish Spokane can cut that learning curve down and teach you how we fish our favorite lakes.

What makes Fly Fish Spokane unique is that we provide you with a small motorized watercraft of your own to fish in while our guides sit in one of their own. This is not only Covid-safe, it also is a prime opportunity to learn boating skills while on the lake which can build your confidence in being able to explore and fly fish these a lake on your own. If you prefer to be in a boat with one of our guides, then we can accommodate that as well.

If you are interested in learning more then check out our page about guided lake fly fishing in Eastern Washington, and feel free to contact us to ask for further information or to book a trip.

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