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Guided Fly Fishing on Eastern Washington Lakes

Which lakes to fly fish in Eastern Washington

As you sit atop a mirrored lake, you watch the surface being gently dimpled by rising trout in the early morning light. You tie on a fly pattern to match the emerging insects, and across the lake an osprey calls out in the quiet air searching for trout just like you. A couple false casts and you send the line, leader and fly to softly land amongst the circular disturbances. The fly floats for a moment before vanishing in a swirl of water, and you raise the rod tightly to a trout. It dives then leaps from the water before it is brought to net, another beautiful trout to hold and admire.

Fly fishing crystalline lakes is a rewarding angling experience, and Eastern Washington is graced with numerous lakes that abound with opportunities to catch not only trout but bass, carp, catfish, and panfish. However, as with much of fly fishing, pursuing trout and other species in lakes is a process of continuous learning and improvement.

Much of a lake is a vast desert filled with plenty of water that is fishless. Knowing and understanding the tactics and techniques to locate and catch trout in these bodies of water can mean the difference between a full net or a day spent in boredom and frustration.

How You Can Learn to Fly Fish Lakes

Eastern Washington lakes guided fly fishing

At the core of our guided trips is providing an instructional experience for every angler no matter your experience level. Choosing a guided lake fly fishing trip can cut the learning curve with the help of our guides' local knowledge and experience. We can tailor the trip to your needs in order to help you to get the most out of your time on the water and to learn the tactics and techniques that are successful for us.

Lake depth, contours, shoals, inlets, ledges, and points, there are an abundance of features that add to the intricacy of fishing the topography and structures of a lake. These features lend insights into where to find fish and can cut down on the amount of time spent searching for trout and actually fishing for them. A day spent on the lake with a guide can help to answer many of these questions.

Our guides can also teach you the various temperature zones of a lake and how they affect a trout's metabolism, insect hatches, and the habits of other food sources and prey. Much of this can dictate the techniques used for catching trout using both surface and subsurface fly fishing tactics.

Lastly, many fly anglers are versed at fishing rivers and streams, but lakes offer their own challenges and rewards. Better yet, many of the skills learned at fly fishing lakes are transferable to a river or vice versa. In other words, improving your lake fly fishing abilities can help you to develop as a more well-rounded angler on the river as well.

What to Expect with Fly Fishing Eastern Washington Lakes

Fly fishing guides Spokane Washington

The prime season for fly fishing Eastern Washington's lakes for trout is from ice-out (which is typically early March) until the end of May, and then again in the fall. Our guides focus on a select few lakes near Spokane and most of our trips are spent on the boat, but we can also provide instruction on how to best fly fish from the bank.

You will learn a wide variety of how to fly fish lakes throughout your guided trip such as: Which fly lines and rods are best for lake fishing? Where to fly fish in Eastern Washington? Which flies should you use with lake fly fishing? How to locate foraging areas for trout and their preferred habitat. How to choose a watercraft that is best for you for fly fishing on lakes. How to streamer fish certain lake features such as inlets and points. And plenty more.

All of our trips include rods, reels, flies, tackle, and beverages. We also provide lunch for full-day trips, and half-day trips include snacks for the day.

Our trips are typically 1-2 anglers per guide and are offered in full or half-day options. During the trip, you will be fishing for rainbow and westslope cutthroat trout in a landscape of basalt cliffs, pines, sagebrush, and rolling hills.

There is also the added benefit of potentially being able to take home a trout at the end of the day to cook for dinner, and our guides can help with cleaning the trout and provide some of our favorite trout recipes.

Fly Fishing Lessons, Spokane Washington

A day spent with one of our guides is also perfect for kids or beginner anglers looking to try out fly fishing. We can tailor the trip to provide instructional lessons that fit your needs and skill levels. Being out on the lake also allows us to instruct at a pace that will help you to get the most out of all there is to learn and discover about fly fishing.

More Information on Guided Fly Fishing Lake Trips and Fly Fishing Lessons

For more information, check out our Eastern Washington Lake Trips and our Fly Fishing Lessons. Feel free to call or email us with any questions or to set up a trip. Also, be sure to check out our blog for fishing reports and the latest fly fishing how-to articles.


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